Know About Our Fan Club

The Founders

ShiAlyt (Angua) — Holder and Flourisher of the Fighting Pike
The ShiAlyt instituted the Shrine of Alyt Neroon and this fanclub. She is also the owner of the wonderful and

Toymaker (carver) — Holder and Polisher of the Scar puppet
Toymaker is the official sound collector for the Shrine sound archives.
Homepages: Put Your Face In A Book: S-F to go and Pattern Addiction
Here are some of carver’s wonderful toys, which were featured in Kurt Lancaster’s book, “Interacting with Babylon 5”.   (pages 140, 142)

Lee (Neroon) — missionary to the pagan Trekkies (ok *SORRY* I mean TREKKERS)
Here’s Lee as a Minbari warrior, as featured on pages 159-160 of Lancaster’s book.

DarkJackal — Lion King Acolyte

Joining Our Fan Club

If you wish to join the Starriders please email :

Please include the following information :

  • your name or the pseudonym you wish to use
  • the position you wish to hold in the clan, for example, Toymaker is Holder and Polisher of the Scar puppet; use your imagination, but please avoid overtly sexual connotations e.g. Lover
  • we feel it is appropriate that there should only be one Shi Alyt, therefore if you would like a “command” type position then it is suggested you come up with Alyt <name> and <position>
  • the URL and title of your homepage, if you have one
  • any additional information you’d like to have on the page
  • please let us know if you want your email address on the page too

In return, we will :

  • add you to the members’ roll on this page
  • send you a personalised Star Rider Clan Member logo for your homepage – this should be linked to (we also have a link banner, see the links & linking page)
  • include all the information and links you supply (within reason of course !)
  • aim to keep you informed on updates to the key John Vickery/Neroon webpages, via the Star Riders mailing list (please use the box on the main index to sign-up). If you don’t get a subscription email back, please let us know, as occasionally Egroups loses mail
  • let you know of any new, important or otherwise interesting information about Mr. Vickery’s theatrical and TV/Film work and appearances if possible


Club Activities

OK… so this is where we’re making it up as we go along ! We wanted to create a fanclub for John Vickery, and a webpage seemed like the perfect way to do it. Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. The primary activity is, of course, the admiration of John Vickery, whether as Neroon, Mr. Welles, Scar, etc. etc. We hope this page will become a focal point for all JV fans.…