star riders pets

By popular request, we present the Star Riders pets page ! This is open to anyone whose pet has a suitably science-fiction-inspired name, or directly to members of the site mailing list. Email with your pics and description.


Neroon is owned by listmember Helen (Ranger Roja Grande) :" (He is) all black with a faint lighter variation on the tips of his ruff, one little white "locket", and a tiny white spot on his tummy. Good-looking - very; but he's never going to be a warrior! "

(The third pic is) the most recent picture of Neroon in all his 2-year-old glory. He weighs about 14 pounds -- a hunk. Truly gorgeous but unfortunately, no smarter. Hasn't learned to jump up to the cat tree in the window without banging his head on the glass!

Click on the pics to see the larger versions.

neroon and alice
Neroon with his sister Alice
neroon on rug
Neroon on the rug
neroon at 2 years
Neroon at 2 years

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