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From Legacies (1st Season):
wisdom.wav   (76k)
Neroon, "Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive." Sinclair, "We like to think so."

vessel.wav   (76k)
Neroon, "Branmer's death was a great sorrow to us. To lose the vessel of his soul will bring his clan's fury upon you."

From Grey 17 is Missing (3rd Season):
3castes.wav   (108k)
Neroon, "Three castes: worker, religious, warrior. They build, you pray. We fight."

alwybdea.wav   (96k)
Neroon,"A religious zealot, propelled by prophecy into a position of military and political power ... always a bad idea."

bldpyfht.wav   (56k)
Neroon, "They build, you pray. We fight."

dethmine.wav   (300k)
Neroon, "'Denn'sha,' you said -- 'to the death.' And death there was. The death was mine. To see a human invoke the name of Valen, to be willing to die for one of my kind when I was intent upon killing one of my own -- the rightness of my cause disappeared."

dieforme.wav   (204k)
Neroon, "There is now blood betwee us. And there is blood between the warrior caste and the humans. I do not think they would die for me; but they would die for you... Entil'zha."

onemore.wav   (72k)
Neroon, "During the war I killed 50 thousand of you. What's one more?"

powerbec.wav   (64k)
Neroon, "Power beckons; and who among us is strong enough to ignore its siren song?"

ribs.wav   (96k)
(thunk) (thunk)   Neroon, "Ive just broken two of your ribs." (thunk) "Sorry, make that three."

From Rumors Bargains and Lies(4th Season):
ok.. so I left Delenn in on all the wavs.. what else could I do?

hello.wav   (300k)
Delenn, " Hello, Neroon."
Neroon, "Delenn. I was surprised to receive your message. I considered not responding, but then I enjoy a mystery as much as anyone. I am, however, very disappointed in the welcome I received from your fellow Religious Caste. For a moment I though they might actually fire on our ship."
Delenn, "You are under my protection. They will not harm you except in their own defense."

worried.wav   (168k)
Neroon, "Given the fighting back home, I should think you would be very worried to be alone with one of the Warrior Caste."
Delenn, "I would, if if were anyone else."
Neroon, "And why is that?"
Delenn, "Come with me, and find out."

plotting1.wav   (816k)

plotting2.wav   (716k)

almsthme.wav   (108k)
Neroon, "Ah, good -- there you are. We're almost home. Just a little longer and we will see if Delenn knows what she is doing."

uhoh.wav   (164k)
Neroon, "Bring her to me. I have questions that require answers."   (click) (thunk)

rest.wav   (164k)
Delenn, "Neroon -- are you sure you are all right?"
Neroon, "I am fine, Delenn -- it was a glancing blow."
Delenn, "Take him below, and have his wounds treated. And he should rest. If he doesn't choose to rest, make him."
Neroon, "Delenn.."

shakiri.wav   (504k)

From Moments of Transition (4th Season):
cost.wav   (84k)
Neroon, "Yes. I do wonder, though, about the cost."

moon.wav   (188k)
Neroon, "That is to be expected. They were hoping I would organize our caste against you. But I could no sooner move against the leader of my caste than I could... grow wings and fly across the moon!"

value.wav   (440k)
Neroon, "Is it wrong to value life? I thought that is why we fought."
Shakiri, "We fight because it is our nature. It is the calling of our heart. Life and death are simply two possible consequences -- both equal. Neither valued nor feared above the other. For a warrior, death is simply the release from our obligation. You should rest -- you've done well, Neroon."

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