Grey 17 Is Missing (Season Three, episode nineteen), Neroon tries to prevent Delenn becoming Ranger One

In addition to the synopsis, there is a wonderful set of screen captures.

Neroon arrived on Babylon 5 with the intention of killing Delenn. If he had succeeded, he would have become the first Minbari to kill one of his own in over 1,000 years. He was intercepted by Marcus, who forced him to fight :

Marcus : " So, you must be Neroon "

Neroon : " You shouldn't get involved in things that don't concern you. My quarrel is with Delenn "

Marcus : " Then your quarrel is with me "

Neroon : " Do you have any idea who I am ? "

Marcus : " I do. The only way you will get to her is through me. I invoke Den'sha "

Neroon : " To the death. During the war I killed fifty thousand of you. What's one more ? Not bad... for a beginner. Last chance. I was taught the pike by Durhan himself "

Marcus : " Oh really ? So was I "

Neroon : " You're a fool. But, if this is what you wish then Den'sha it shall be. To the death ! "

Neroon and Marcus fight- Den'sha

Neroon at Delenn's "The One" ceremony Neroon was almost at the point of killing Marcus, when the fact that a human (of all people) was getting in his way made him stop, and change his mind about killing anyone. However, he still appeared at Delenn's "The One" ceremony, wielding a staff stained with Marcus' blood, to tell her that there was blood between them :
Neroon : " There is now blood between us, and there is blood between the warrior caste and the humans. I do not think they would die for me, but they would die for you... Entil'Zha"
Neroon : " Den'sha you said... to the death. And death there was - the death was mine. To see a human invoke the name of Valen... to be willing to die for one of my kind when I was intent upon killing one of my own... the rightness of my cause disappeared "

screen captures
Huge thanks to Becky and her Spoiler Junkie's Babylon 5 pages!

B5's hydroponic gardens

Delenn meets Rathenn on Minbar and learns of Sinclair's message. She has been chosen to succeed him as Entil'Zha.

Sinclair's medal from the Battle of the Line. Sinclair left only a very few personal effects.

Neroon, hooded, in hallway confronts Delenn.


Delenn orders Lennier not to intervene.

Lennier asks for Marcus' help.

Rangers begin to arrive for the ceremony installing Delenn as Entil'Zha.

Ranger banner.

Marcus confronts Neroon and challenges him to Denn'sha -- a Minbari ceremonial fight to the death, banned by Valen a thousand years ago when he forbade Minbari from killing Minbari.

... and the fight begins.

Delenn's installation ceremony begins as Lennier hands Rathenn Sinclair's ranger pin.

... and the fight continues. Neroon parries Marcus' riposte.

An acolyte bears the robe of office. Sheridan, Ivanova, and G'Kar look on.

... as the fight goes on. Marcus is losing, badly.

Neroon gives Marcus a chance to quit, but Marcus refuses.

Neroon is poised to give the deathblow.

Delenn prepares to drink the sha'neyet, the Minbari ceremonial drink roughly translated as "Death destroyer."

Neroon crashes the party. (Check out the propaganda poster behind him in the corridor !)

Neroon bitterly acknowledges Delenn as Entil'Zha.

Lennier finds Marcus, near death.

Neroon enters Medlab.

Former adversaries meet again.

The following three pics represent the "Zarg" part of the episode. JMS himself admitted that this part sounded good on paper, but really didn't come out right on camera. For fans of old American TV series, the Zarg/Jeremiah storyline has the cheesy flavor of an episode from "Wild Wild West" (CBS: 1965-69, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.) These pics, however, are classic Garibaldi.
Garibaldi with his grandmother's revolver. He comes from a long line of cops.

Garibaldi, bored stiff, is in the elevator, counting levels.

Grey sector, level 17. The elevator doesn't usually stop here...

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