Legacies (Season One, episode seventeen) is our first encounter with Neroon.

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The IngataAs Sinclair and Garibaldi watch a Minbari War Cruiser come through the jumpgate, Sinclair has flashbacks to the Battle of the Line, remembering the sheer destructive power of these ships. The ship is the Ingata, and is carrying the body of Branmer, a hero of the Earth Minbari War. The Ingata is flying with her gunports open, to honour Branmer. This of course is how the Earth/Minbari war began, when the first Earth vessel to encounter a Minbari ship misinterpreted their intentions and opened fire, killing Dukhat, the leader of the Grey Council. Our first glimpse of Neroon is over the vid-link, as he refuses to engage in a discussion as to why the gun ports are open, and makes no effort to hide his dislike of humans. This almost causes a major incident, until Delenn's timely intervention.

Branmer's body is brought aboard Babylon 5The viewing ceremonyBranmer's body is brought aboard, in a solemn procession. Sinclair assures Delenn and Neroon that all necessary arrangements have been made, and the casket is conveyed to a private room. Neroon insists upon Minbari guards. At the viewing ceremony, held to honour and remember great leaders, when the casket is opened, Branmer's body is missing. Neroon is enraged - Garibaldi is immediately assigned to discover the whereabouts of the body.

Neroon :" If Mr. Garibaldi fails in his search I may find it necessary to have my ship assume the job of taking this station apart "
Neroon : " Branmer's death was a great sorrow to us. To lose the vessel of his soul will bring his clan's fury upon you "

Garibaldi and Neroon search for Branmer's bodyGaribaldi searches everywhere he can think of, including having the PakMaRa's stomachs pumped after a piece of Branmer's cloak is found outside their quarters. Neroon takes it upon himself to search Sinclair's quarters, believing that this will not have been done, but is disturbed by Sinclair himself and a fight ensues. Garibaldi later informs Neroon that he had personally searched Sinclair's quarters, in the presence of Ambassador Delenn. However, Branmer's body is still nowhere to be found.

Eventually we discover that it was Delenn who had had the body cremated, and the ashes scattered in space near Minbar, according to Branmer's wishes. Branmer was originally of the religious caste, a high priest, and was one of the greatest supporters of the war against the humans. He felt that the cause was just, and became a member of the warrior caste. By the time of the Battle of the Line, he had become a leader within the warrior caste, and personally planned and lead the assault on Earth.

Neroon apologises to Sinclair Delenn orders Neroon to support her story that Branmer was transformed to allow him to take his place among the "gods" - not deities, but higher beings. Neroon defers to Delenn, and also must apologise to Sinclair for the things he did to try and find the body. Remember at this point, the warrior caste have not been told the reason for the Minbari surrender at the Line, so Neroon has no idea that Sinclair has a Minbari soul - a great Minbari soul.

Sinclair : " We've fought long enough. Maybe its time we started talking with one another. Branmer's life was more significant than his battles. Let the Warrior Caste praise his courage in war, and let the rest praise him for what he truly was : a man of peace "

Neroon : " You talk like a Minbari, Commander. Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive "

Sinclair : " We like to think so "

Neroon : " Until another day then "

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