Neroon has a major rôle in Season Four episode thirteen Rumours, Bargains and Lies

In addition to the synopsis, there is a wonderful set of screen captures.

Warrior caste Minbar has been plunged into civil war, leaderless without the Grey Council. Delenn meets with Neroon aboard a Minbari Cruiser. The situation is rapidly deteriorating, with tense confrontations between Religious and Warrior caste. Delenn insists in speaking with Neroon alone, which surprises him, given his recent attempt to prevent her becoming Entil`Zha (Ranger One). She maintains that if it were anyone else, she would not trust them, and stares down his adjutants until they step aside.

The religious caste leaders hiss their anger at the honour with which Delenn treats Neroon, and Lennier turns to them and simply tells them that they must wait for Delenn to speak for herself.

Neroon Alone with Delenn, Neroon expresses surprise that she should ask for his help, as it was he who intended to kill her the last time they met. She says that despite their differences, he has always acted honourably and to serve their people, and that neither religious nor warrior caste can win the war because it will unbalance Minbari society. They establish a degree of trust, albeit fragile, and Delenn relates the plan she has come up with, one which will expose both of them to mistrust from their own sides, but the stakes are too high not to try.

Delenn : "Thank you for looking after him, Neroon"

Neroon : "I fear we may be healing him, only to see him and the rest of us killed before we are finished, but it was the least I could do in return for your gracious hospitality. I know the others are not happy with my presence here"

Delenn : "They will understand, eventually."

Neroon : "But only because you will teach them. In the time that we have known each other Delenn, I have not always spoken well of you. I assumed your behaviour was prompted by a sense of your own superiority, your ego, the usual fanaticism we have come to expect from the religious caste. In the last year I have begun to realise that I was wrong. Dukhat chose you above all to follow him. Slowly, dimly, I begin to understand why. I do not know what lies ahead of us Delenn, but I do know that it is right that we are here, together"

Delenn : "Is that a compliment, Neroon ?"

Neroon : (chuckles) "After a fashion"
Meanwhile, the religious caste members are increasingly panicked by what they have heard, and decide to martyr the entire ship by placing a canister of toxic fuel by-product into the ventilation system, on timed release. They cannot conceive of surrender. Lennier overhears their plans, however. Poison...

Neroon is attacked Neroon is attacked in the ship's battle command centre by one of his caste, as they too believe that he will surrender. Delenn is furious, and orders that religious caste members should watch over him, as she cannot trust his own caste not to harm him. One of the religious caste members asks if they really don't intend to surrender, and she tells them of course not, don't be foolish, explaining neither side can surrender or there would be chaos. She tells them gratefully "you are the steady rock beneath my feet". They now realise it must be too late to prevent their own pointless suicide. Lennier, however, has found the cask and manages to shut off the valve just as the poison starts escaping. He collapses, saying "have we fallen so far that we cannot even trust ourselves?".

Neroon and Delenn Neroon has his personal physician attend Lennier. Delenn tells how deeply she cares for Lennier, and how she is training him the way she herself was trained by Dukhat:

Neroon : "He means a great deal to you, doesn't he"

Delenn : "I have been training him, as Dukhat trained me. He has been ... the light for my footsteps - never asking, only giving. Without him, I would stumble and fall, and never get up again"

Delenn - the steady rock beneath my feet When Lennier regains consciousness, he only says that he found a leaking fuel valve. The religious leaders try to thank him for not telling the truth. He angrily replies that he did it for her, not for them. Her faith in their goodness was more valuable to him than her knowledge of their weakness. Meanwhile, Neroon leaves the cruiser in his shuttle, sending a message to his caste leader that he has the religious caste's plans, and victory is at hand...

Neroon aboard the shuttle

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