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  • The Ingata Stories, by V. Wildeber
    Duty. Honor. Sacrifice. Unspoken passion. This is the story of the Minbari Warrior Neroon, from his lieutenancy in the Minbari Holy War to his ultimate destiny as the one man who could heal the wounds that had torn his people apart.

  • The Terra Chronicles, by Sunraven
    The story of Dr. Terra McClare, empathic mediator and xenobiochemist, and her adventures with the Minbari.

  • The Long Trial, by R. Bernstein
    Havah Lassee, former Marine and pilot in the Battle of the Line, has a Minbari soul: the soul of Valen's student during the last Shadow War. But what neither the Minbari nor Havah knew is that Havah Lassee is half-Minbari.

  • "The Delicate Balance of In-Between," by Jimmy

    Neroon has taken Delenn's place on The Grey Council, and soon finds strife and thwarted ambition tearing apart the Warrior Caste. In a frantic move to prevent the destruction of his world, Neroon has agreed to a secret meeting on Babylon 5. But the Shadows are on the move, and Morden knows that Neroon is the key to destroying not only the Star Riders, but also The Grey Council. Framed for a murder of another Minbari, Neroon finds himself without allies or hope. However, the universe has not abandoned him, and the Star Rider receives help from the oddest of places - Delenn and her human supporters on Babylon 5.

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  • Neroon Poem -- with apologies to William Blake's 'The Tyger.'
    by Chinook6

    Neroon! Minbari! burning bright...            text version

  • "The Price of Victory," by MsAllisa

    A Neroon story that explores what happens when a member of the Star Riders decides she wishes to join the Rangers, despite Neroon having forbade any Star Rider to be a Ranger. Rated PG-13.

    "The Price of Victory"            text version

  • "Sleeping with the Enemy," by Allena Sinclair

    As featured in Kurt Lancaster's book, "Interacting with Babylon 5" (pages 148-149.)
    Here's the related picture.

    Part One text version
    Part Two text version
    Part Three text version

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