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Star Riders is proud to host new Fan Fiction ! If you are a writer, feel free to submit your story/stories/poem etc. for consideration for inclusion, to [email protected]. They should preferably be about Neroon, or the Minbari in general, but any Babylon 5 or Crusade fanfic is more than welcome. See the foot of the page for submission guidelines (revised 24/04/2004.) Please make sure you have read them before sending your story. All stories shown are complete unless otherwise stated. We no longer accept incomplete stories, as this can be disappointing for our readers.

Also available, by popular request, is a text version of each story, ideal for offline reading and printing. The fanfic index has also been redesigned, and the stories grouped by subject and author if appropriate.

LATEST ADDITIONS :Part III of The Long Trial is here !

Links to other Neroon and Minbari-related fan fiction

Alternate Universe - B5 Creative Fan Fiction has a number of related stories, among them:

Another B5 fanfic archive is at This site has an excellent search engine with pull-down menus.

Sadly, several old favorites appear to be retired, among them:

Submission guidelines :

Submissions via email to

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