John played Malcolm in Macbeth (Shakespeare), from January to March 1981 at the Lincoln Centre (Vivian Beaumont Theatre).


  • 'Macbeth.'   AP, 24th Jan 1981.    
  • 'Macbeth' Returns.   NY Times, 24th Jan 1981     Frank Rich, in all his acidic glory, manages to diss everyone but Vickery, Lee, Campbell, and Hurdle. (don't miss Kelsey Grammer in the cast listing.)
  • 'Macbeth' the Hard Way: Caldwell Directs Shakespeare.   Christian Science Monitor, 2nd Feb 1981.    
  • The Curse of 'Macbeth.'   Showbill, 1984.   The so-called "curse" of the Scottish play hit the 1981 Lincoln Center production, too: the actor who played Macduff got mugged soon after the play opened.
John Vickery as Malcolm

Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the full size photos. Screen captures from the Macbeth video very kindly provided by Bamfer.

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