Interacting with Babylon 5, by Kurt Lancaster

Interacting with Babylon 5

by Kurt Lancaster

Yes, the Shrine of Alyt Neroon is featured in Kurt Lancaster's book, Interacting with Babylon 5: Fan Performances in a Media Universe, published in 2001. It's available at Amazon (US) here.

Congrats to Angua, Carver, Lee, and Allena, who are all featured in Lancaster's book ! Not only are 11 pages of the book dedicated to The Shrine of Alyt Neroon and the John Vickery Unofficial Homepage, but there are 9 screencaptures of actual web pages. The Shrine of Alyt Neroon is one of two fan websites discussed in chapter 5, "Webs of Babylon: Textual Poaching Online."

The book is not a quick read -- the author is a lecturer on the literature faculty at MIT. It's a scholarly look at how fans enter into the world of Babylon 5 via interactive media. Not only does it cover fan websites and how they differ from the officially sanctioned sites and material, but it goes into role-playing games, war games, collectible card games, and other forms of fan "ownership" of a show. It's a fascinating look into fandom and fan reaction to Babylon 5.

Huge congrats to Angua on such a wonderful job putting together the Shrine of Alyt Neroon -- so much so that the site was immortalized in print !

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