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John reprised his rôle as Scar in the L.A. 2000-2001 production of The Lion King - more details on the Lion King in L.A. page.

'Pride Rock on Broadway'
The Lion King musical opened to rave reviews on November 13th 1997, at the New Amsterdam theatre on Broadway (renovated by Disney at a cost of $34 million). John appeared as Scar, Simba's evil uncle, until October 1998. The musical had an eight week run in Minneapolis that began on July 31 1997, subsequently transferring to New York.
lion king stagebill - click to see larger image
Lion King stagebill - click to see
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JV as Scar, with Simba, click to see larger image The Lion King scooped the best musical award at the 1998 TONYs. It also won the best Director-Musical for Julie Taymor, and the scenic, costume, lighting and choreography awards.There is an archive of CNN's coverage of the event, information can also be found at the Lionking.Net website.

Picture at left is John as Scar, with Simba,
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Picture from Time magazine article

Various publicity, production and informal photographs from the Lion King. Click on the thumbnail images to see the full size photos.

JV as Scar John Vickery as Scar
photo by Kenneth Van Sickle
from the book The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway
by Julie Taymor
Scar and Mufasa fight Scar and Mufasa fighting
Time Magazine, Nov 24, '97
Samuel E. Wright plays Mufasa
Photographer: Joan Marcus.
JV outside the theatre on opening night in Minneapolis John Vickery outside the theatre on opening night in Minneapolis John's profile from the stagebill John's profile from the Lion King stagebill. Alexandra Grace is his daughter (to whom he dedicates his performance).


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