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John guest-starred in three episodes as Everette Steele, a lawyer for the Mob.

  • Strange Bedfellows, ep# 13 - First Aired: 26 December, 1986
    Steele meets for lunch with Mr Brytel, a lawyer from the opposing side, so Steele can pump Brytel for information about Frank Holman, a twice-convicted felon, and also who all he plans to indite. Mob Boss Lucca then meets with Steele to discuss a plan to have Detective Torello, the star of the series, ordered to testify on Lucca's behalf to discredit Holman.

  • Fatal Crossroads (aka Fortune in Men's Eyes), ep#14 - First Aired: 9 January, 1987
    At a pre-trial hearing, Brytel requests a severance.

  • Torello on Trial, ep#15 - First Aired: 16 January, 1987
    The trial begins and Steele has has Detective Torello on the stand to tell the court about Frank Holman and discredit Holman's testimony (seen through a series of flashbacks).

There is a set of screen captures, kindly provided by Liane.

john vickery as mob lawyer everette steele in crime story
John Vickery as Mob lawyer Everette Steele
in Crime Story

Show information: Crime Story originally ran on NBC from 1986-1988, and currently shows in the US on A&E.

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