See the listing of television appearances.

Any information or images from these are welcome. John has appeared in soap operas (Edge of Night, One Life to Live), miniseries (Napoleon and Josephine, Til We Meet Again), guest-starred in Babylon 5 and Crusade, and various other projects and cameo appearances. His latest TV rôles were in "NYPD Blue" as the suave but slippery Cory Beacham, "Early Edition", where he played an amateur actor, and "The Others", playing Jack the Ripper. If you know of any upcoming screenings of shows featuring John, or video tapes of his work, please let us know at We are also interested in any TV credits that may be missing from our list.

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john vickery in nypd blue nypd blue
(2001-2002) - John guest starred as a corrupt financial agent for three episodes of this edgy police drama. Screen captures and details.
john vickery in early edition early edition
(2000) - a CBS series where one guy gets tomorrow's newspaper today. John guest-starred as an amateur actor. Screen captures, details and reviews.
john vickery in the others the others
(2000) - John appeared in episode 108, Don't Dream It's Over, as Jack the Ripper. Screen captures and information.
john vickery in judging amy judging amy
(2000) - a courtroom drama from CBS. John guest starred in episode 15 as a lawyer. Screen captures and episode details.
john vickery in stark raving mad stark raving mad
(1999) - a short-lived comedy show from NBC. John guest-starred as a bizarre philosophy professor. Screen captures, details and reviews.
gul rusot in deep space nine deep space nine
(1999) - John played the Cardassian Gul Rusot in three episodes from DS9's last season. Screen captures and episode details.
neroon from babylon 5 babylon 5 & crusade
- John guest starred as the recurring character Neroon, a Minbari Warrior, in Babylon 5, and also as the suave but somewhat ruthless Mr. Welles in B5 and Crusade.
the single guy the single guy
(1996) - a guest appearance as Seth on NBC's comedy.

teknoman teknoman
(1994) - John provided the voice of Gunnar in this Japanese animated series - information and sound files
literary visions literary visions
(1992) - an educational series, John appeared in the programme Playing the Part - Characters & Actors in Drama.

andrus hagan from st:tng night terrors st:tng night terrors
(1991) - John played the Betazoid catatonic Andrus Hagan in the Star Trek : The Next Generation episode Night Terrors.

la law - rest in pieces la law
(1990-91) - John guested as a lawyer in a season five episode, "Rest in Pieces" - screen captures and info.
til we meet again til we meet again
(1989) - a televison mini-series based on a Judith Krantz novel, John played Tony Longbridge.
napoleon and josephine napoleon and josephine
(1987) - a televison mini-series, John played Napoleon's adjutant, Bourrienne. Set of screen captures available.
crime story crime story
(1986-87) - police drama that originally ran on NBC from 1986-1988. John guest starred in three episodes as Everette Steele. Screen captures.
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