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John guest-starred as Cory Beacham, the unscrupulous agent of a reclusive widow, in the NYPD Blue season nine episodes "Puppy Love", "Here Comes the Son", and "Humpty Dumped" .

There are two sets of screen captures for the episode "Humpty Dumped" :

  • Set one, kindly provided by Carver
  • Set two, kindly provided by Liane

    "Puppy Love" details: Episode number 182; First aired December 18, 2001.

      Writer: Jody Worth
      Story: Bill Clark & Jody Worth
      Director: Dick Lowry

      Gibson offers Sipowicz the opportunity to take a "security job" for a rich widow two nights a week. Sipowicz reports for duty and finds out it's not a security job at all -- it's being a hired companion to the home-bound widow. He doesn't take the job.

      John Vickery is introduced as Cory Beacham, the agent of the widowed Mrs. Hornby (played by Elmarie Wendel.)
  • john vickery as cory beacham in the nypd blue episode humpty dumped
    John Vickery as Cory Beacham in the NYPD Blue
    episode "Humpty Dumped"

    "Here Comes the Son" details: Episode number 183; First aired January 8, 2002

    "Humpty Dumped" details: Episode number 185; First aired February 5, 2002

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