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John guest-starred in an episode of The Single Guy entitled "Davy Jones". The title referred to Davy Jones from the band, The Monkees. The series focused on Jonathan Eliot, the "single guy" of the title, and his search for the right girl. The series ran from 1995 to 1997 on NBC.

Episode information : "Davy Jones"

Jonathan hosts a Thanksgiving party with special guest Davy Jones, who's considering Jonathan to co-write his biography. Marie tries to deal with surprise guest, ex-husband Ricky.

Episode/production number - 2-10
First broadcast : 21 Nov 1996
Writer : Andrew Gottlieb
Director : Alan Myerson

Guest stars : Davy Jones [Himself], Robert Mailhouse [Ricky], Mark Harelik [Jeff], Michael Winters [Mike], Gerry Bamman [Dr. Bradford], John Vickery [Seth], Eric Saiet [Ted], Maury Sterling [Mordecai]

Regulars: Ernest Borgnine [Manny Cordoba], Dan Cortese [Dan Montgomery], Olivia d'Abo [Marie Blake], Jessica Hecht [Janeane Parker], Shawn Michael Howard [Russell], Ming-Na [Trudy Sloane], Mark Moses [Matt Parker], Jonathan Silverman [Jonathan Eliot], Joey Slotnick [Sam Sloan]

cast of the single guy series
The cast of The Single Guy

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