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- John played the Minbari Warrior Neroon in five episodes of the epic science fiction show, Babylon 5. The character, like many in the show, evolved over the course of time, and ultimately died for what he believed in.

The Shrine of Alyt Neroon is a sister site to this one, and contains a great deal of information about Neroon, including images, sounds, episode reviews, fan fiction and more.

Neroon was an intensely honourable character, only ever acting in the best interests of his people. He is in sharp contrast to John's other guest rôle on Babylon 5 (episode "The Fall of Night") and Crusade (episode "Appearances and Other Deceits") - Mr. Welles.

john vickery as neroon in babylon 5
John Vickery as Neroon

mr. welles

- Welles is suave, persuasive, ruthless when he has to be. He works for the Government, and is patently a survivor, having worked for NightWatch before President Clark's regime was overthrown, and later for the new administration at the time of Crusade.

We have an interview with John Vickery, by JC Williamson, conducted as he was preparing to play Mr. Welles in The Fall of Night.

We also have images and articles of John as Mr. Welles in "The Fall of Night"
... and in "Appearances and other Deceits."

john vickery as mr welles in crusade
John Vickery as Mr. Welles in Crusade

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