stark raving mad

John guest-starred as a bizarre philosophy professor, Professor Forrest St. James in the episode "Sometimes a Fritter Is Just a Fritter" . By all accounts he was wonderful in the rôle, one which allowed him to use his comic talents.

See the screen captures, kindly provided by carver, and a review written by a fan.

Show running dates: Sep 1999 - July 2000 on NBC

Neil Patrick Harris stars as Henry McNeely, a young book editor who is thrust into the dark and chaotic world of best-selling horror writer Ian Stark (Shalhoub). Providing distractions as Henry tries to keep Stark on track, are Stark's dazed writing assistant, Jake Donavan (Eddie McClintock, Felicity) sassy bartender/college student Maddie Keller, (Heather Paige Kent , Jenny) and Stark's overly affectionate dog, Edgar (Marty). (NBC press release)

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  • john vickery as professor forrest st james from stark raving mad
    John Vickery as Professor Forrest
    St. James, Stark Raving Mad

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