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John guest-starred in the LA Law season five episodes "Armand's Hammer" and "Rest in Pieces" as lawyer Kenneth Clipner.

LA Law, the Emmy award-winning drama about a Los Angeles law firm, aired from September 1986 to May 1994 on NBC. The show was created and produced by Steven Bochco, creator and producer of Bay City Blues, Philly, and Total Security. Bochco has also written for Columbo, Hill Street Blues, Murder One, and NYPD Blue.

"Armand's Hammer" episode details: episode #87, first aired 8 Nov 1990.

There is a set of screen captures from "Rest in Pieces" kindly provided by Kathleen

"Rest in Pieces" episode details : episode #97, First aired 31 Jan 1991.

Written by Patricia Green & John Robert Bensink
Directed by Win Phelps

Brackman takes temporary charge of the firm. Grace appears before a military tribunal to represent a soldier. Corrinne throws Arnie out after hearing of his infidelities from Roxanne. C.J. represents the owners of a reputed haunted house.

Guest Starring: Jennifer Hetrick, Ashleigh Sterling, James McDaniel, Christopher Collet, Dale Dye, Annie Abbott, Will MacMillan, Maggie Roswell, Noah Blake, John Vickery, Alyson Reed, Adrian Spark.

john vickery as a lawyer in the LA Law episode Rest in Pieces
John Vickery as lawyer Kenneth Clipner in the
LA Law episode "Rest in Pieces"

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