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- John Vickery has guested on Star Trek : The Next Generation as the catatonic Andrus Hagan in "Night Terrors". Hagan is a Betazoid, and is the only survivor on a Federation ship found drifting, the rest of the crew having apparently killed one another. Although the character (understandably) has little to say, except in telepathic "dream" sequences with Deanna Troi, John still manages to create a dramatic screen presence. When I saw this episode, I was rather disappointed that we did not find out what happened to Hagan, did he recover or not ? It was in dramatic contrast to the rôle of Neroon in Babylon 5.

There is a set of screen captures of John, taken from the episode Night Terrors.

john vickery as andrus hagan
John Vickery as Andrus Hagan

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