review of stark raving mad
- episode guest-starring john vickery

Review by Kathleen Shimp for Star Riders, dated 8th October 1999

For those who don't know, Stark Raving Mad is indeed a sitcom, and is on NBC. It's a new show this year. It's about a guy who writes horror novels, named Ian Stark. I've seen it a couple times, and I think it's been pretty funny so far.

Anyway, the role JV played in this ep was a philosophy professor. Oh, he was so funny! And attractive, of course.

I am not yet straight on the names and relationships of all the characters on the show, but the dark-haired young woman on the show apparently is in college, and JV was supposed to be her professor. Stark's friend (not Stark's assistant) is also in the same class, and he took a test and filled out an evaluation of the prof for her when she skipped class. He wrote some things about how the guy was suave and debonair like James Bond, so the prof thought the girl was coming on to him, and he went to go see her as he (the prof) apparently likes her.

(I'll have to watch it again to remember more names, as I'm sure this plot description is very tiresome without them.)

Anyway, she admits she didn't really write the evaluation, and he doesn't get mad but is rather relieved because now he can be honest with her. So that brings me to the line that really floored me. He said, "I am wearing a full set of women's undergarments."

YES! But it would have been a lot better if he hadn't worn those pesky clothes over them, now...

Did I mention he was great? Fabulous? Wonderful? Amazing? Well, he was.

Um, anyway, I saw it. Yep. It was good.

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