minbari clan emblems

These are interpretations of how the Clan emblems for each of the Minbari Warrior Caste Clans might look. They are completely unofficial of course. You are free to borrow them for use on your own Babylon 5 pages, subject to the conditions that (a) you link the graphic to http://pretallez.com/neroon/, and (b) that you copy the graphic to your own server.

Credit for the original concepts belongs to Chinook6; graphics created by Star Riders and are © Shipofdreams [shipofdreams.net]. If you like them and use them please let us know so we can visit and link to your page ! (Note the Star Riders Clan emblem is shown on the main page, and we'd prefer you NOT use that one !).

Fire Wings Wind Swords
Moon Shields Night Walkers

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