All Alone in the Night (Season Two, episode eleven) is Neroon's second appearance

Delenn's expulsion from the Grey CouncilDelenn is summoned by the Grey Council : now that a new leader is in place, they wish her to return so it can be decided whether she will remain part of the Council, or be removed from it. However, when she enters the Council chambers on the Solaris, Hedronn alone meets her. He tells her that the Council no longer knows her heart, and that they voted to remove her. Later, the Council convenes, and Delenn makes a statement :

Delenn : " For twenty cycles I have stood beside you as one of the Nine. Now you call me outcast. You know me. You know I believe in the task that is before us, the great war that is coming. I have not turned my back on you. In trying to help, I have sacrificed all that I was and all that I am. We can no longer allow ourselves to be separated by names and borders. Our two sides must unite or be destroyed. Do not make my sacrifice a vain one. Allow me to finish what I started. In the name of our friendship, the future of our people - let me remain on Babylon 5 "

" I am more than happy to have you remain with the humans "... Delenn turns round, knowing that the speaker is her successor on the Council. He removes his hood - it is Neroon. Delenn does not understand why her replacement was not from the religious caste, as per Valen's decree : three from each caste comprise the Council. Neroon says that it is the Warrior caste that has suffered the most, dying to defend the Minbari, and if a great war is coming, the Warrior caste should lead against it.

Delenn does not believe that the Warrior caste should be allowed to make Minbari policy. Neroon states that the Warrior caste was lied to, never told the reason for the Minbari surrender at the Line. If they had known the truth...they would not have surrendered. He tells Delenn she is an affront to the Minbari race and does not belong with either Minbari or humans: she should go to Babylon 5 - and stay there.

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