• Neroon is leader of the Star Riders, the oldest clan of the Minbari Warrior caste.
  • The name Star Riders refers to mounted soldiers who trained to use the stars for navigation.
  • Neroon was Alyt (second in command) of the starship Ingata.
  • Shi Alyt (captain) of this vessel was Branmer, a hero from the Earth/Minbari War.
Neroon in Grey 17 Is Missing
Neroon in "Grey 17 Is Missing"

Close-up of Neroon from Grey 17 is Missing
  • Neroon later took Delenn's place on the Grey Council, thus earning the title Satai. This caused the Council to become unbalanced, contrary to Valen's wishes, and gave the Warrior Caste much greater influence in Minbari policy-making.
  • When Neroon was told of the reason for the Minbari surrender at the Battle of the Line, he was appalled. He still held a grudge against humans, and he did not like Delenn's new appearance.

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