Star Rider Clan : The John Vickery International Virtual Fan Club

To see some of the things we do in our spare time look here
We also host Fan Fiction by our members and others, and have a mailing and discussion list.

The Founders

ShiAlyt (Angua) -- Holder and Flourisher of the Fighting Pike
The ShiAlyt instituted the Shrine of Alyt Neroon and this fanclub. She is also the owner of the wonderful and

Toymaker (carver) -- Holder and Polisher of the Scar puppet
Toymaker is the official sound collector for the Shrine sound archives.
Homepages: Put Your Face In A Book: S-F to go and Pattern Addiction
Here are some of carver's wonderful toys, which were featured in Kurt Lancaster's book, "Interacting with Babylon 5".   (pages 140, 142)

Lee (Neroon) -- missionary to the pagan Trekkies (ok *SORRY* I mean TREKKERS)
Here's Lee as a Minbari warrior, as featured on pages 159-160 of Lancaster's book.

DarkJackal -- Lion King Acolyte

the members

Infiniti` (MamaBear) -- Keeper and Sander of the Minbari Bone
Email : [email protected]

Allenna Sinclair -- Scribe
Email : [email protected]

Chinook6 -- Occasional Writer of Fractured Verse
Chinook6 maintains the Shrine of Alyt Neroon and the John Vickery Unofficial Homepage.
Email :

Cecelia -- Headcrest Masseuse
Email : [email protected]

Callista a.k.a. Z`Ha`Dum -- Official Painter of Neroon's flyer
responsible for keeping the paint job in good shape
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Nivek (Samo) -- Keeper of the great warrior's cloak
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Nerissa (Daughter of the Sea) -- Guardian of the silver tray surfers
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Nashen -- Official apprentice of Neroon
Email : [email protected]

Parnan Ayn Sealance (Sealance) -- Captain of the EAS Valkyrie
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Nerenn -- Neroon's Official Pike Holder and Reminder to BLINK
Email : [email protected]

Sunraven -- Keeper of the Warrior Cast Tay-Lok
Author of the Terra Chronicles.

Kailin -- Governess to the Grey Council
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Terann -- Moonshields Clan - Resident Telepath
Email : [email protected]
Homepage :Ranger Warrior Soldier

Alyt Valazenn (Azhreia) -- Telepathic Grey Council member
Email : [email protected]

DrakhnSlyr (DrgnSlyr) -- Guardian of Confusion, responsible for confusing the enemy
Email : [email protected]

Aliana -- Ranger
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Jarine -- Honorary cleaner of Neroon's denn'bok
Email : [email protected]

Ranger Roja Grande -- Official Senior Citizen Advisor to Neroon
Has been trying for years to get a cat aboard the Ingata.
Email : [email protected]

Alyt Shar'Ayah -- telepathic fighter pilot
The best of the Ingata.
Email : [email protected]

Kirann -- Surveillance Specialist for Neroon, Disciple of Minbari hand-to-hand art
Email : [email protected]
Author of The Long Trial

Colin_Ranger -- Co-Keeper of the Wheel of Fire
Email : [email protected]

joining the clan

If you wish to join the Starriders please email :

Please include the following information :

In return, we will :

club activities

OK... so this is where we're making it up as we go along ! We wanted to create a fanclub for John Vickery, and a webpage seemed like the perfect way to do it. Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. The primary activity is, of course, the admiration of John Vickery, whether as Neroon, Mr. Welles, Scar, etc. etc. We hope this page will become a focal point for all JV fans.

"You talk like a Minbari, Commander.
Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive."

Neroon, Legacies

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